Fredrika Bremer – Maria Magdalena Mathsdotter Pt 3


Such was the account which Mrs. L
read in the Aftonblad, and which I brought
back with me for dear Tante Fredrika to read.
But the news had already reached her, and on the
Sunday morning she went to the Finnish church
intending to bring this interesting stranger back
with her to dinner, having, in anticipation,
invited a countrywoman, Sara Albertina, to
join her here afterwards. But poor Maria
Magdalena was so fatigued by her journey and
the excitement through which she had passed,
that when service was over she hegged to
remain quietly where she was, in Södermalm,
) promising to call here on the morrow.

But if we had not the greater heroine we had
he lesser. Punctually between four and five
came Sara Albertina Mansdotter, accompanied
by the young matron of the hospital, where the
little Lapwoman has come to study. I wish I
could relate the matron’s history as well, for it
is a very remarkable one, and so much to her
redit that she is always an honoured guest
here. But I must confine myself to the Lap-

She is twenty-six years of age, very intelli-
ent, speaks good Swedish, and is by no means
hy, with the pleasantest simplicity about her
naginable. She came in her very best cos-
ime. The Lapwomen are skilful with their
eedles, and all her clothes were of her ovm.
laking. Her stomacher was ornamented at
16 sides with wonderful brass and silver orna-
lents, which she inherited from her mother.
[er silver wedding-ring sat like a little shield
n her finger. She brought in her pocket a
Dund silver spoon with a very short handle,
like a little scoop or large caddy-spoon, the
bridegiroom’s present to his bride on the be-

Like all her people, Sara Albertina is greatly
attached to her country, with its lofty table
lands and deep snows. She considers it quit^
warm here, though I, of course, think
extremely cold.

In her own land she has been accustomed to
follow the troops of reindeer, which lead theii
owners vast distances over the wild rocky
country. The personal possessions of these
nomades are very few. She laughs at the idea
of a Laplander having a watch.

What could he do with it?” she says.

Sources in Pt 1 and in the last part.
To be continued.



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