A brief presentation on me, the blog initiator and -writer


Peter Ericson
Father of five kids, in a relation with a secret woman, who is also a writer 🙂
Applied for a professor position in MIUN university.

Historian: scholar, teacher and also a museum person. Plus a guide.
I also was i a team that wrote a historic play.
And during the 2000- ’00s and ’10, employed expert (sakkunnig in Swedish)
by law firms in law suit processes about land rights.

Together with a great team of reindeer herders, professional lawyers, and other
employed experts, I was involved when the Saamis won the Nordmaling case in 2011.
Been studying Saami history mainly close to Saami people since early 1990s.

My own foremothers and -fathers to a large extent came from Norway.
Love travel, music (once was a radio man), powerlifting, forests, lakes, big cities.

I hope you will enjoy this blog; I will more and more efforts to translate the most importans blog
on the field which I care for the most: South Saami history.


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