Part 4 SouthSaamiHistory. Climate, Mid-1700s to mid-1800s


In the era of 1790-1820s Mountain Saamis winter nomadic movals are seen from Southern Jämtland och various parts of Härjedalen to mainly Medelpad, Hälsingland and Gästrikland. Where the Dalacarlia Mountain Saamis did take their reindeers for winter pasturages is a little less known, but to Central and Eastern Dalecarlia would not be too wild a proposition.
Among the Forest Saamis in Northern Hälsingland popular areas are Dellen lakes and the neighbourhoods around them.
I will also later return to a specific history series for the Forest Saamis.

We have a notorious period of bad grazing and unfortunate climate for reindeer herding and its winter pasturage from approx. 1820, that is for country Västerbotten, and that period seem too have been noted somewhat earlier in the south (maybe from 1810; and we knew from before that slight pasturage issues were to be seen in 1803, 1805 etc ).
This is periods when the lichens are severely locked in by thick ice, eventually due to mild winters.
From 1826-27 we note a more balanced era.

Winters with thick snow covers, many mountain saami groups find their reindeer pasturage in Norway; this is in particularly evident in the 1840s and 1850s, some winters of 1860s too. Next generally insecure pasturage era is mid-1850s.

Next part about slave-systems, parish Saamis and totally  vanished forest Saamis, in particular its cultural traits.

Picture: (from a more ”normal”, cold period, that is, 1840. The painting depicts Northerners – or at least ”Northernmore-erers”, but I find it pretty illustrative here)

Norsk bokmål: Læstadius preker for samene
Français : Le Pasteur Læstadius instruisant les Lapons
English: Pastor Laestadius Preaching to the Sami
detail of Pastor Laestadius Preaching to the Sami



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