Angsta, Angaria, anno circa 1900-1920 (I)

Angsta, Angaria, anno circa 1900-1920
Saami Organization History; Lapparnes Centralförbund; Lindhagen Siblings; and Angaria
I. Mainly on Angsta

In the turn of century 1900 the Saamis in Sweden had soon reach the point of its very formation and organisation.
Torkel Tomasson’s father Tomas Nilsson in year 1900 led a depution to the King. In the beginnning of 1904 Elsa Laula wrote to Carl Lindhagen, by the recently elected as Mayor of  Stockholm and Lawyer with a past in the second Reindeer Pasturage Law and its preparatory work in 1997-98. He was also a parliament member since 1997, by then for the Liberal party. Elsa Laula formed Lapparnes Centralförbund (more later), which got a strong suppport by both Anna and Carl Lindhagen. Laula were the main central figure in the Saami organization history the following years. Recently she has – at last – a bio written by Siri Broch Johansen.


There is some deep and important connections between the landscape/landskap/shire/province of Angaria and the early Saami organization history. One is the Old Judge’s Yard of Angsta; where Lindhagens siblings’s grandfather (mothers father) Chief District Judge Carl M. Schönmeyr did possess from 1842 (he was C. D.J  till 1869). Carl spended twelve childhood summers here, and Anna perhaps not as many. By the Starvation Years of 1866-67 the Chief District Judge commended that all the staff of the Judge’s Yard (mostly 35-40 people) should eat exclusively bread baked on bark. Simultaneously, he orderded that the Saamis inn the neighbourhood should be given food from the Judge’s Yard. This seem to have made a deep impression on young Carl. Later he and his sister Anna would have a central role in the creation of the early Saami organization history.

bild (2)

1. Creation of Lapparnes Centralförbund from Aug 5, 1904, Skansen, Stockholm
1 Nils Enok johan Nilsson, Tärna, 2 Torkel Tomasson, Vilhelmina, 3 Elsa Laula, 4 Gustav Z. Hedenström, Editor, Stockholm, 5 Lisa Stinnerbom, 6 Lars Stinnerbom, Vilhelmina – later Anundsjö. Photo Örnsköldsviks museum arkiv
2. Anna Lindhagen
3. Angsta. Source:



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