Angsta, LCF, anno circa 1900-1920. II: More on the Saami pioneer connections and Angaria

What we primarily show in this mini series within this blog, is the strong and frequent connections between the shire of Angaria, and the early Saami organizational history, strivings, and pioneers.
Many a protocol and petitions got written on the winter pasturage land in Northern, Western and Eastern Angaria; in places lika Remmarn, Torsåker, Björna etc. The well-known Saami pioneer Torkel Tomasson was born on a mire at Seltjärnsmon, not far from Solberg in old Anuundsjö lappmark (administrative name long before Tomassons time) in the spring of 1881, at the seasonal moval back towards the mountains. Maria Magdalens Mathsdotter and her familiy used winter grazing lands around parish Nätra, from which her travels to the king was initiated in 1861 and 1864 (more in another mini series here within the blog, about Maria in particular – and on Fredrika Bremer etc)
Hans Magnus Nilsson was another pioneer in the Lappish Central Association; he studied at Hola Folkhögskola, in parish Torsålker, not far from Angsta (se earlier parts). His son goot well-known too: Erik Nilsson Mankok, UmeSaami lingual pioneer and a powerful voice from the southern Saami sphere.
South of Angsta – in Ramsele and Graninge – Jonas Åhrén some times passed with his Frostviken comrades and their herds. Otherwise he mainly moved to shire Medelpad in winter, area Sundsvall, but also to Western, Southern Medelpad and into Hälsingland; places like Stöde, Naggen, Styggberg.

The famous family of Laula moved to parish Björna in winters

The Saami Sheriff (lappfogde) over Jämtland lappmark in 1569, Klemet Månsson, lived in parish Dal; and the sheriff over Angaria lappmark, Henrik Nilsson lived in Strinne. There are postulations about Kutuby, the medieval power centra in this area; that this ought to mean Saami Hut’s village
More on these older connections and conditions later in.

Please stay tuned for more blog texts on these issues!

Källa på 1500-talet: (Nordlander 1990 mm).



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