More on endangered/extinct languages and ethnic southern arctic/subarctic groups – UNESCO report Southern NENETS (1993) – extinct

Forest Nenets

  1. Variant(s): (for Nenets) Yurak (derogatory), Samoyed (obsolete)
  2. Geographical location: the Russian Federation: Siberia: Pur County of Yamal Nenets District of Tyumen’ Province, extending to adjacent counties and Khanty Mansi District
  3. Relationships: /Nenets/Samoyed/Finno-Ugrian (Uralic)
  4. Present state of the language: SERIOUSLY ENDANGERED
        (a) children speakers: a few children learn the language, but most cease to use it throughout the school years
        (b) mean age of youngest speakers:
        (c) distribution by sex:
        (d) total number of speakers, members of the ethnic group: approx. 1,500 speakers; cf. Tundra Nenets
      (e) degree of speakers’ competence: older generations fully competent; middle-aged people usually fully competent, but some individuals exhibit strong Khanty or Russian influence; among younger people, many individuals are less competent and prefer Russian
  5. Sources:
        (i) information (about the language): Pekka Sammallahti: Material from Forest Nenets. Helsinki 1973.
        (ii) published and unpublished material (of the language): a little
      (iii) competent scholar(s) and institution(s): Tapani Salminen, University of Helsinki, Finland
  6. Remarks:
  7. Compiler: Tapani Salminen, Helsinki, 31 Dec. 1993




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