Respectless destruction of Ancient Saami Market Place in Jokkmokk, Lule Saami area (Northern Sweden)!

I will break both the Southern focus as well as the historical theme with this sad and weird news report:

On the picture we see Kjell-Åke Aronsson, director at Ájtte, Swedish Mountain- and Saami Museum
(and an old friend of mine). He is confused and upset, since he recently saw one of the worse crimes
in his career, crimes violating the cultural environment laws.

Vattenfall, a energy operator, since early 1900s runner of the Northern hydroelectrical power (as well as nuclear power, coal etc). have caused a deep and hundreds of meters long ditch, like a deep wound in the midst of the Market area, a 410 years old cultural environment, basically exclusively Saami.

This area was created by the King of Charles (Karl) IX in the very beginnning of the 1600s, with his so called Ice Sea Politics.

This destruction is now reported to the police and it will be exciting to see what will be the Legislators decent answer to such an act.

Jokkmokk is as close a the Saami capital any town in Sweden could be said to be (if you ask undersigned).

Picture via Svt, Sweden’s Television. Photographer: Henrik Blind


En reaktion på ”Respectless destruction of Ancient Saami Market Place in Jokkmokk, Lule Saami area (Northern Sweden)!

  1. I only know Jokkmokk from the protests over a dam, I think, back in the 60s or 70s and where a major cultural festival grew out of. This is a disgrace and I hope Vattenfall do indeed take a ‘fall’ for this. Disgraceful behaviour.



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