Disappearance and land shrinkage: Lectures 2016 (and 2015)

Disappearance and land shrinkage: Lectures January-June 2016,
questions to go figure around

…..Where do I Want to speak?

Universities, schools, for Saami organizations, study organizations etc

Northern Sweden (May, and November 2015) – Norrbotten mainly
Norway, Mid- and other areas Februry-March (possibly May, andif so – North)
Finland May
Southern Sweden, i.e Göteborg, Norrköping, Malmö – June

Tour plan depending on where the ordering parts are situated.

What will I speak about?
This some themes, questions I will try to find some  answers to:

”Where did the Forest Saamis go after the 1600s-1700s?
and ”Why do winter pasturage lands disappear, and how, and where?”
plus ”In what way are the shrinkening land nevertheless threatened?”

Comparisons with other indigenous peoples, mainly the taiga ones.

Please do not hesitate to contact me!

Picture: Johan Tirén 1885

About Me (English summary below)
Peter Ericson har arbetat som sakkunnig för samebyarna i Nordmalings- och Rätanmålet samt med resningsansökan för Härjedalsmålet. Han har en bakgrund som lärare i samernas historia vid Umeå universitet samt som projektledare för ljusminnesprojekten på Länsmuseet Västernorrland. Peter Ericson har även arbetat med ett flertal projekt om samernas historia i Bergslagen, Gävleborg samt på andra håll.
PE has, since 2000, worked as an Expert in reindeer herding history on behalf of various samebyar in land right law suit processes. He was a teacher in Saami older and modern history and Ethnic relations at Ume University; later a Project Manager at Länsmuseet Västernorrland (County Museum). He has also worked quite som time with the Forest Saamis of Bergslagen and elsewhere in Central Sweden.



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