Sep 29, 2015: So what will I speak about during my lecture tour?

I will try to explain how and why the Southernmost Saamis first got pushed Northwards and eventually got etnically cleansed and finally extinct to a large extent.
The Forest Saamis Från Åsele-Umeå and southwards; all the coast-close Forest Sassmi along the Bothnic Gulf; the coastal Saamis along the same gulf;The Southernmost Saamis in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Karelia and Russia is now gone.
I will speak about slave system and brutal colonization in Jämtland and Norrbotten.

I will show how the pushing movement is still running.

And I will talk about and open up for a discussion about the land right issues;
on the questionings of ancient grazing rights.

Mary Evans

”Lapps outside the stable at Leksand Church, Dalecarlia, Sweden” 1858



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