Update 2, Week 41: ”Freedom Era” * in Swedish History, and Passive King Fredrik. Arvid Horn.

I was reminded by one of the participants at my lecture in Uppsala at Oct 1, 2015,
that the ethnic cleansing were determinated by the Parliament.
Fredrik got more and more passive, which eventually is painfully obvious during the
critical and bloody days of Midsummer 1743.

I will withhold my idea that Fredrik was involved anyhow; but it is a more honest path to pursue, to mention these decisions might not be blamed to the King, definitely not in its entirety. The 1720s Sweden is, indeed, on the whole, uncomparably thick with new laws and rules. And very detail-minded.

* Freedom era = Frihetstiden in Swedish

How much could we blame Arvid Horn for the 1700s’s cleansings?



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