Mountain Saami winter pasturage for reindeer at Medelpad’s coast 1718 – today. (i) Frostviken.

Jan 12-14, 1902

Newspaper, the ”Lap authorities”, church records and local memories plus lots of other written sources from de la Motraye 1718 till present-day Medelpaders it is clearly documented; all these sources speak about a long and stable relation between the coast people and the reindeer owners and herders for centuries.

Ingrid Katarina Nilsdotter and Mattias Åhrén get a son in parish Hässjö (BTW my grandmas, father’s mother’s – plus parents and some more generations – birth parish), and a daughter in the neighbouring parish Timrå in 1906. They were also said to be winter moving for reindeer’s winter pasturage to Söderhamn sometimes.



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