A Great Evening at Tráhppie Saami Cultural Centre in Umeå with the indigenous people

Photo, above: Tobias Poggats. Below: author.
Back home after a long day including a ”little Umeå trip”

So now I have been doing lectures in two university cities and in one, sort-of, Saami sub-capital: Uppsala, Umeå and Östersund that is. All venues was ones carrying ancient Saami heritage; Norrlands nation, Tráhppie and Gaaltije.

It seems like every lecture night results in a major idea of working and scholarship or scientific channels (popular writer or not; I am indeed a ”scientific animal”) – plus truck- or, rather, slight-/ackja-loads of ideas and interesting discussions.

The channel of this evening will hopefully become apparent fairlty soon.
I do not want to reveal it yet.

I hope I will speak in Västerbotten (West Bothnia) soon again. And, a propòs, it came to mind when I travelled by train, that I investigated three central distances at Bothnia Railway in the very beginning of my project leader and ex Antiquarian job at County Museum of Västernorrland.



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