Edited SouthSaamiBlogPonderings ENGLISH: How The Saamis Got Forced Into Sedentariness and Slavery-Like Conditions

First published Sep 12, 2015

On Expulsions Northwards And The Sedentariness Enforcement,
And A Eventual Slavery-Like Institution in Sweden, the Parish Saami (”Sockenlapp”)-system.
Ponderings along a current job for County Museum of Gävleborg

The contents of this text corresponds with and is included basically in my ongoing ”large mini-series” of the South Saami History.

So the Southernmost (of what we know, sofar) Saamis were expelled northwards. According to the historically tenacious notion of the Saami as a Laplander, and a Asiatic or Semi-Asiatic smooth mongol invader,or a Noble Savage, the Imagined Origin of the Saami; a myth which the central power have known to grow.

I now study these processes on ground level in Southern Helsingia/Hälsingland and Northern Gestricia/Gästrikland. I see the enforcement in too tiny cottages or thorpes, and this system where the farmers possess a feodal-ish master role, Saami becomes the servant.
The infant mortality rose up to 80-90% and the Forest Saamis got extinct.

I will return with new texts after this job; and I see that it will gain the science and the South Saami History that I perform these studies.

Peter Ericson, Saepmie Sep 13, 2015 [edited Nov 7, 2015]

Note: The continuation of the Mini-Series in SouthSaami History is still paused. I hope to keep it up throughout the winter.
But before I have a very exciting anthology in the same field to realize. It will preliminary circle around linguistically, archaeologically and historically aimed angles on the South Saami past matters.

Bild från Dellenportalen



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