Sverige och det koloniala arvet

Och hör sen.

Indigeneity, Language and Authenticity

English summary: 

From Carolus von Linnæus’ early attempts at dividing humanity into four different races, to Herman Lundborg’s Race Biological Institute that continued to operate well into the 1970s and which affected almost 70,000 people in Sweden alone, Swedish thinkers, scientists and leaders have by and large been instrumental in creating both what we today would refer to as a global, institutionalised racism which centres whiteness and the West, as well as the many excuses used by colonial powers around the world in order to continue to conquer, silence and dominate other nations in the name of progress.

There is an intrinsic link between Swedish theories on race and colonialism; the former continues to be used as an excuse for the latter around the world and to this day, ideas stemming from Swedish theories on race are being used – both knowingly and subconsciously – by the Swedish state…

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