Update Nov 18, 2015. Hi, N. America

Illustration: The Skog Tapestry, Helsingia.
Good Morning,
A special greeting and a warm welcome to my new Canadian and US readers, indigenous Americans; Saami & others and other Scandinavian descendants !
On this blog and at its sibling/name-sake on Facebook, I try to keep you updated with some of my scientific research.

At the moment (or pretty soon), I am about to start a South Saami anthology.

Please do not perceive my postings as some kind of ”I have found the Holy Grail”! Not that such never happens.. As example(s):

I recently have – at least I think so – identified places and periods when Forest (combination-/Semi-nomads) and Mountain Saamis have  been meeting in huge get-together-winter-camps, in the South. I hope I will be able to go further with this. maybe in the anthology/anthologies.
Thus more later on this.

Yesterday I actually found around twenty Saami grown-up individuals in parish Söderala with closest surroundings (pre-parish Saami-era).
Four hits, all in summers. I will update more on this; maybe write an article for publishing and printing. And a little something here in the blog.
I also sent a report past night to Count Museum Gävleborg on Parish Skog, Helsingia. I have always found it exciting with the Saamis around the mythical Ödmården Forest.

Peter Ericson
Saepmie Wednesday Nov, 18, 2015.

Bild över Skogbonaden




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