Central Sweden Forest Saami Patriarch Revisited I (parish Hanebo, Helsingia)

Just In: One noticed patriarch of the Hinders(-son-)-groups, HINDRICH HINDRICHSSON, or Hindersson (spelling changes – and his son is born here, Hindrich), seen in Central Swedish records most apparent in 1680-1750s, seem to have used parish Hanebo and the South Helsingian pasturage a part of first half towards spring of 1697. Not entirely expected, since he was in Husby, Dalecarlia in January the same year. There are some other circumstances that make me wonder. He might lead us into some exciting insights.

Might there have been some elements of escaping authorities already in the 1690s? What we do know: those were tough times; bad harvests, disastrous weather, most likely times of real bad pasturage for reindeers – and pandemics, severe, horrible pandemics.

I would, anyhow, like to be able to find one or two more well corresponding notes to confirm this really is the Hindrich.

Anyhow; that the Dalecarlia-based Saami H.H manages to raise close to a soccer-team of sons and daughters, and all did grow up and were seemingly healthy; is in my eyes amazing and makes one think. He must have been living a conservative life-style in old ways. It would be tremendously interesting to find more of his ancestors.

Hanebo, Hälsingland, 1697



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