Briefly On The Battle of Lake Mälaren, Nordencreutz, Tersmeden and Saamis South of L. Mälaren. 1: 2.

English version

Carl Tersmeden makes a Münchhausen-ish impression, brave and proud Navy Officer. In His Majesty Fredrik’s I duty, he fought back the lion’s share of the Swedish shires in the uprising against the Crown. The peasants hade lost patience, and refused to leave out more knights. 5 000 Dalecarlians walked in a rally towards Stockholm, a fatal move.

In a follow-up article I will write more about the Dalecarlia Uprising in 1743. 

Saamis south of Lake Mälaren
Friday morning I was, by Åsa Virdi Kroik and Göran G. Fjällborg, given the latters harvets from som genealogic studies around Eskilstuna municipality. The Sörmland notes really surprised me; and now I have checked them out. Sofar it seems like an extension of the rich Saami small-scale reindeer Forest Saami combination subsistance.  Appparently not, spatially, too far from the Dingtuna event with a Saami group, a birth which took place in 1643 is known: exactly hundred years before the Mälaren Battle.
The notes I have been scrutinizing has been between 1722 and 1743. The hunt goes on, and there will be a 2:2 article plus, most likely, mote updates. Stay tuned!

Above: The Nordencreutz map from 1739, which I might believe that Tersmeden used during his lake maritime warfare.




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