1643-1743, Saamis south of Lake Mälaren and – On a less known Civil War 2:2

This is the promised continuation of the story of Peasant’s Uprising and a Short Swedish Civil War, including recent findings of Saamis aouth of Lake Mälaren

Carl Tersmeden: In His Majesty Fredrik’s I duty, he fought back the lion’s share of the Swedish shires in the uprising against the Crown. The peasants hade lost patience, and refused to leave out more knights. 5 000 Dalecarlians walked in a rally towards Stockholm, a fatal move.

During the Midsummer’s Day the Crown’s Forces, with its young and hot-blooded noble men started to get nervous. Some 5 000 Dalecarlian men were gathered, still pretty calm, but maybe also getting hotter along the day.
Without getting stuck in the detalis; 149 Dalecarlians got killed and some 3 000 wounded, some really severely. Along the same night, batttles broke out on Lake Mälaren, since most Central and Southern provinces/shires actualkly did join the ppeasant forces, supported their uprising – which were aimed at the state’s warfare, which costed the farms too much of the personel.

I might go on with this important story later on, in my other (new)  blog, The HistoryOfResistanceBlog.

Saamis: As for today, we know about Saamis in Sörmland in at least three parishes: Torshälla (landsförsamling); Kjula and Botkyrka. I am quite sure there will be mnore parishes. Period now is 1722-1739; might grow!


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