Update x 3. Important & Exciting things a-happening

I. I will hold a lecture at the Saami People’s National Day at Feb 6.
That will be in Krokom, Jämtland.
Other places are under negotiation, still left to be announced.

2. There will be a common tour with a fairly well-known Archaeologist in Lappland; Tröndelag/Nordland; Angaria, Jämtland as preliminary areas and prel. dates will be March and April, for a starter first half week 12 ans week no 14. We now seek promotors, venues – people to arrange!
My companion’s namne will be revealed tonight CET!

3. Authors who want to contribute in the South Saami historic anthology early 2016 are requested to mail over a short yet stringent abstract, at least some days before the Nobel Celebrations.
If you havent communicated on this sofar; please do!

I also want to send out a reward for very southern South Saamy yoyks.
Please contact me, if you know of this or anything like it!
This will grow into an own blogpost later on!

Yours Sincerely: Peter Ericson


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