DEPORTED FROM THEIR OWN LAND (II): Epilogue, after the Arrest, where did they go?

In March 1729, at the county border between Uppland and Gävleborg the Sheriff went too catch thirteen Saamis in one winter group; eight children and five adults. I suspect they were caught at the very passing of the Dalälven River, most likely on the late spring-winter ice. I havent heard what happned to the reindeer herd.

Two of these Saamis came from the Hinder-clan:

Anders Hindersson and Helena Hindrich- or Hindersdotter (same name); Helena with husband Matz Larsson and their five children, plus Hindrich Månsson – and, with Anders Hindersson, wife Marita Larsdotter and their three children.
Oral source: Jouni Tervalampis in same radio program as undersigned!
Link below.

The Saamis were taken to Gävle Castle’s Prison, where they were locked in. Authorities plan was to lead these people further to a diffuse ”Lapland” – which seem not have happened.

And what then, after the presumable release .. ?

Anders with family is on the Svärdsjö forest and signs the supplication in the summer of 1730.

Anders and Marita/Margareta Larsdotter gets their son Lars 1736, in parish Äppelbo. Linné  writes already in 1734 about divided  or reserved farm Saamis (gållappar); yet if this family is one of them, is, though, uncertain.

Matz Larsson’s son Larz Mattzson becomes the Parish Saami of Hamrånge. Almost ironalically that he, the son, gets driven away from the – by then most likely ancient winter pasturage areas around Rödmossa in parish Valbo. As his parents were imprisoned and maybe also himself as a little boy back in 1729.

Matz is also one of the signers of the supplication between Sundboern and Svärdsjö border stones in the summer of 1730.

Stay tuned- my aim is to keep oon telling this story, also go back and thicken it.

Hedesunda, where the Sheriff caught 13 Saamis.


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