LECTURES: Dalecarlia, Central Sweden, South Lapland Jan-April 2016

Me and my ole buddy Bernt Ove will be out touring with lectures
in March (21st-22nd) and April (5th, 6th,  7th and 8th).
If we note a great interest, we might add another day, or two.
This offer encompasses the southern part of Lapland!
We can also do lectures in the towns of Östersund, Örnsköldsvik or Sundsvall – or in the municipalities of Strömsund, Dorotera and Storuman. Or why not in Lycksele?

And myself, I am possible to book for lectures the following days:
Jan 27, 28, 29 Places: Dalecarlia
Feb 23, 24, 25 Places: Central Sweden, Mälardalen Valley
March 8, 9, 10 Places: Southern Sweden

Please call us Tuesday or Wednesday!

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