Update Dec 2, 2015: What is the blog pen doing?

Good evening (Central European and SouthSaami Time)!

IMG_1016 Recently, in Copenhagen.

Thing is, I am getting to start e free enterprise: so I am taking classes, I am attending a course in this subject ”Start-Your-Own”. Except for going on with the fairly huge project on Southern Saami history and other related issues (web-based meeting Friday). And soon – the Anthology, with a new gear (AUHTOR! Please do not forget to submit the abstract to your presumable contribution!)
So, that is what I’m mainly doing now and the following fortnite.

Upcoming days I an catching up with Norrbotten/NorthBothnia; hopefully booking and making the spring’s lecture tours complete; and dealing with more media interest (might be some aired Ericson also in the future months!)

God Renlycka!




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