Update Dec 3, 2015: Sörmland 16-1700s-Saami studies, interesting aspects of Saamis between Lake Hjälmaren and parish Botkyrka

I am still scrutinizing the notes from the 1670s Sörmland parish/parishes which had been interpreted as having something Saami in it. I don’t want any false impressions to circulate. And at this very moment, it does not seem like they are Saamis.

But, till I have figured out; we can note that at least eight Saami individuals, of whome seven was adults or old, at four different occasion frequented Sörmland
A good share of them was women, older women. Much indicate that these women had been in the area either for long or as a habit for a range of time.

During the past weeks we have found Saamis in parish Torshälla and parish Kjula, mainly first decades 1700s. From before we knew Saamis visited parish Botkyrka, at least Jöns Thomasson and Cecilia Andersdotter, who buried their daughter Margreta in 1717.

Since we have Saamis in the west from this area, in the parish of Asker at ths South-Western shors of Lake Hjälmaren (1650) and this people in Botkyrka (1717) and also a bunch of Saamis around 1720-1740 (will summarize more aon this particular issue later) in what now is Eskilstuna municipality, among which several were old or semi-old women, most likely to have frequented the area since late 1690, if I bring out the most secure presumability I can manage. We may also recall the Saami notes in parish Dingtuna in 1643; elsewhere in Westmania in 1636 and earlier in Västerås (as early as 1571). And Ölme in 1637.
I also say these last findings increase the chances we might state that reindeer herding was a fact South of Lake Mälaren already in the 1600s. Nomad ways might have rounded the great lakes.

Stay tuned!

– Oh, if these forest could talk?

Parish Kjula. Not too surprising an airport is situated there.



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