This Is A Scientific Statement about A Once A Pan-Nordic Population

Every once in a while during the last fortnight
I hear stuff as this expressed: ”the Saamis live in the Northern part of X, Y and Z country, there they have lived this and that long”.

Now I want to claim the following:

The Saamis did, at given historic points AD 800 – 1730 inhabit the main part of every present Nordic country’s territory. Including Karelia and Russia’s North (ryska Norden in my standardized tongue).
And that lasted till they were driven away, by people in the West and in the East, by the authorities in Sweden (and eventually enslaved by majority population people under the system of sockenlappväsendet, Parish Saami system that is).

Saami people once lived in Southern Norway; in Central Sweden (With their foremothers deep down in South, ethnonymically called Finn. And they remained in Central areas, until they were deported out of it, with auhtorities following a notion that they did not belong in the areas they seem to have been nomadizing in for at least centuries and centuries even before AD 1730); Central and parts of Southern Finland; Southern Karelia (the latter were, as our comprehension is, the first to become pushed off).

Once a pan-Nordic population, now only remainings left mainly in North, but still also, as individuals but also as samebyar, in Mid-Sweden and ditto Norway.

Every time you state  that Saamis (only) belong in the north, you confirm the Colonizer’s credo: that Saamis should only dwell in Northernmost corners.

I want to explore and put light on the severe process of when the Saamis became pushed, parish by parish, shire by shire, to the North.

What was done to the indigenous peoples on the Americas was beyond comprehension evil; but the principles and the historical process of pushing away and make groups extinct is, alas, the same.



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