Fishing, mountain, forest, labour and parish Saamis on Alnön Island Pt I Saami History parish Alnö English

(This Series is not the same as in Swedish, there are some various aspects)

Yesterday I ran into some thick descriptive sources who lived in shelters and small cottages around turn of the century 1900.

Fishing Saamis and labour Saamis seem to have intermixed with Parish Saamis and Mountain Saamis during the 1800s, and this picture remains until the 1920s.

from Sågverksfolket (2001)

Some Mountain Saamis wintergroups actually could travel further South along the winter; a few of them even to Norrala- Söderhamn.

Three main roads over the strait(-s); Northern Jämtland’s (and Vilhelmina) (mt.) Saamis went over Skäggsta, parish Hässjö; Westerns, Central and Southern Jämtland Mountain Saamis passed over Tuna by-Korsta to Gustafsberg. Härjedalen Saamis went over from Essvik.

The frequent Forest (semi-nomad or, at times, full nomad) Saamis are visible in parishes Tynderö, Skön, Njurunda, Selånger – and most likely they – and their close relatives the fishing Saamis – must have crowded Alnön Island the decades around 1700.

”Såg vid såg jag såg, varhelst jag såg” (Approx. ”Saw by saw I saw, wherever I saw”). Some of the fishing Saamis could in some seasons work at one of the 15-17 saw mills on Alnön Island.
This is Nacka saw mill; my paternal grandfather’s childhood habitate.



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