Brief presentation by blogman Ericson

Since I got the notion not everyone has been reached by my earlier presentations; I hereby tuck in a brief one:

I am Peter Ericson and I run this blog. I have been a scholar in Saami historie studie field or fields since the early 1990s. I am 50-something and I have kids who are turning into grown-ups. I have a beloved one, somewhere. When I do not dig in the records I strive aftter creating own records – in power lifting…….
I was a EU-Project Manager at County Museum Västernorrland 1998-2002 ca; and I have been doing quite a few local and regional Saami historical studies. In the lion’s share of my past works I have worked together with or under/for Saamis. I have been an expert (Sakkunnig) for 15 years (sofar two completed cases and one ongoing) and I was one of the main ones, interrogated in seven or eight days (memory dimishes) in the Nordmaling Case, even up in the Sureme Court, when they heard me for there days!

Now I do lectures and I am involved in a great lot of projects including a one with s South Saamy anthology. More to come!!

Do not hesitate to write me, if you want some documentation or a lexure on vanished Saamis.

P. E Dec 14, 2015

        Supreme Court, Nordmaling Case, February 2011. me to the right.
Photo: Jörgen Heikki, SR/Sameradion.



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