Nacksta – well-documented pasturage for reindeers (Selånger, Medelpad)

In the 1800s and early 1900s the Mountain Saamis winterly herded their reindeers in villages of Kolsta, Sörnacksta, Böle and Nacksta with Klissberget Mountain. The easternmost part of parish Selånger was popular with Saamis. The ”Lapp Sheriff” Abr. Staaf did interview hundreds of informants when he systamized a great deal of the late 1800s reindeer husbandry.

This might also, to a large extent, have been the pasturage areas also for the forest Saamis, they in deed have many notes in the late 1600s and early 1700s in Selånger; Njurunda, Tuna and Attmar.

One of the more popular area was Nacksta; where one or two generartion after the last direct coast nomad trails or raids for a while took place a fairly city-close suburb was built.

Köpstaden Granlou
Skougs-Charta Sundsvall, detail of Western part AD 1698

An excitin question now to relate to is if the Saaamis already in the late 1500s did perform marketing or commerce with the first town-like location of Köpstaden.

Nacksta_Sundsvall Nacksta, Wikimedia Commons



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