Who am I? On my lectures, on the never-ending (?) oppression and deportation of Saamis.

I have close to a quarter-century of experience within the field.
In the 1990s I worked as University teacher at Umeå University,
where I educated a great number of students in Saami Older
and Sami Modern History plus Ethnic Relations and Essays.
This was an interesting time with hot names like Hylland Eriksen
and a lot of inspiring, modern anthropology! I am also into Uralic
and Northern peoples, on which I have been giving courses.

In my lectures I make some comparisons with the other extinct and severely threatened forest reindeer husbandry cultures, southern languages and hunting-fishing-gathering cultures and groups in the Russian North and Siberia. I speak about deportation of South Saamis, groups who are now long gone and, alas, generally unknown. I also tell about the burning of drums, of Shamans and oppression of Saamis in the North. It is in this very day, an ongoing process. Saamis are questioned whereever they live. And most of their land is gone.

I continue:
Then came a full decade within cultural environmental duties.
I worked mainly at county museums, interviewed people and
documented a share of the 680 Saami environments we found in county Västernorrland. I also worked in Gävleborg.
Paralelly I worked with the Nordmaling law suit case; and an era
with close cooperation with lawyer bureaus began. I was
one of the head experts in this case; and since I have been
involved in both Rätan and Härjedalen case.
I have also written plays on, partially, Saami history and the ethnic cleansings of Saamis from Central Sweden. And I have been performing studies about those Saamis, written articles etc.

And of course, I have been giving lectures all the time!

Now, do not hesitate: I have a few slots left in my winter and spring (and even more in the fall-/autumn-) lecture tour plan. If you are sitting in Norway or Finland or Russia, please also book me!


and I send you an offer, shortly.

IMG_1016 11828821_1453576151636859_870086083604970624_n

Pictures: Photo above: Ms T; middle: Author; under: Jlrgen Heikki, SR/Sameradion.



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