King Fredrik of Sweden (in 1730), who ethnically cleansed Central Sweden from Saamis and slaughtered 149 Dalecarlians

In English, perhaps?


King Fredrik, not a very successful king.

What has come up about this non-native toungue speaking king, is that
he was extremely into hunting. He arranged and took part in huge, excessive
mass killing of bears and other predators plus elks and deers.
Apparently he looked upon the Saamis as competitors vis-a-vis the prey.
Between 1727 and 1729-30 he initiated a general ethnic cleansing,
possibly all the way up to Härjedalen; Medelpad and Angaria.
With full certainty he cleansed Västmanland and South Dalecarlia from Saamis.

In Midsummer of 1743 he led the slaughtering of the Dalecarlians (and others) on the ancient Norrmalmstorg Square = today’s Gustav Adolfs torg Squáre; while 3 000 others got wounded, eventually lots of them got ill and died. Dalecarlia
were punished for years, collectively. The protest march of 1743 mainly
had in mind to stop the huge prescriptions of soldiers.

Illustration: Painting Martin Mijtens Senior Jan 1, 1730

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