35 Years Ago Stilla (Alta, Norway)

The Alta Matter in Northern Norway awoke many Saamis ethno-politically.
On the 15th of Januari, 1981, the Police broke the human chain.

The battle stood around the issue of a hydro-electrical project; and the Saami theateneed positions attracted many non-Saami also. as wll as Saamis from all over, in the struggle.

Curiously enough, almost simultaneously the Judgement arrived from Supreme Court in Skattefjällsmålet in Sweden.

Anyhow, Alta has been of tremendous importance in Saami ethnopolitical history.

Dam a River, Damn a People? Saami (Lapp) Livelihood and the Alta/Kautokeino Hydro-electric Project and the Norwegian Parliament – Robert paine (link, pdfhttp://www.iwgia.org/iwgia_files_publications_files/0102_45_Dam_a_river.pdf



En reaktion på ”35 Years Ago Stilla (Alta, Norway)

  1. i was there – during the 1980/81 anti-dam
    met so many people who really cared about the situation – the problem of reindeer losing their feeding areas so city populations could have even more lights on, so sami would have downsize herd – that fishing folk who would take tourists on fishing excursions lose their income = it was pretty ugly to think about
    but its been built and not sure how bad sami and others have been harmed



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