A Numerous Coastal Saami – or even Maritime Saami Population c.1700

This post is written simultaneously as I feature an ongoing series of posts about the Saami use of islands, lakes and islands in lakes etc.

With, to this day, a total lot of at least 250 Saamis along the Hälsingland coast during May to October-November; and arounf 400, maybe even 500 Saamis betweeen (what is today called) the High Coast or area Örnsköldsvik-Nordingrå-Ullånger during the period from mid-1690s- until mid- och late-1720s.

With the numoerous amount of Saami people living off a subsistance that we know very little off. We need to explore this thoroughly, this is my strong opinion.

The County Museum of Gävleborg did in certain investigation found grounds for close-to-shore rised at Hornslandsudde. I will return to this issue in following post in English.

Besides huger clusters of Saami camps, groups, families in Skog, Söderala, Enånger and other parishes along or close to the Hälsingland coast, I just found this in Njutånger (todag partly referred to as Iggesund)

Clemet Jonsson och Gúnnilla Andersdotter parent the daughter Lisbeth in June, Testes are Jon Hindriksson and Margreta Siúlsdotter. Thomas Pålsson, Jon Andersson, Cicilia Olsdotter and Karin Siúlsdotter. I have some doubt about the first Siúls-daughter; will check later.
I know most of these guys fairly well (yet not the entirity of their subsistence or annual nomadization pattern!).

Are these, or at least some or parts of these groups, the Sea Saamis that I have kept bumping in to trough my now 18 years in this field (or at least it is 18 years ago since I first started, professionally, then at the County Museum as a project leader and a Antiquarian, studying the Saamis in Southern and Mid-Norrland, or – better – Saepmie)? Most of them are to be seen in inlands in winter; but certainly not everyone.

Njutånger C:1 (1710-1781) Bild 38 / sid 33 (AID: v189335.b38.s33, NAD: SE/HLA/1010137)

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