Will be back on Sunday (ps. Updates)

A great Thank You to all my followers.
Recently this blog went through the 30 000-views limit (since its start in June).

Now I have some urgent work in two days; and then the blog intend to bloom again.

Please share and discover gems among my 600-ish blog posts til then, okay?  / Peter

PS. Updates: Lecture in Krokom Feb 6. Anthology has slowed down in pace, but things do happen. Soon a judgement in Girjas Process. And some time in spring Härjedalen; if Ruvhten’s Demand will be overheard by the Supreme Court.
As for myself, I will speak out on the recent and current re-evaluations based on hundreds of findings of coastal Saamis. We must consider with three, not two subsistence groups, along the coast – already before 1720.




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