Saamis @ 62′ (County of Hudiksvall; Linné May 17, 1732 etc)

This is the new name-in-progress we try to find EU-subsidiaries for.
To some extent the same as the old – short termly existing County of Hudiksvall;
to anther extent involving the southernmost Swidden Finn Forest, also used as winter pasturage for Mountain Saamis and also for Forest Saamis. And all the Saamis with various subsistences along the coast. Some of them which Linné met in 1732.
And in between a vast rural, Alpine and forestal subarctic  area both on Norweigan  side and on Swedish side – full of interaction surfaces. Southern Saepmie (with another 300-450 km area left full of historical Saamis south of it!).
More info to come!



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