ÅDALEN 1931, pt I: ”One bullet in the genital area, and then, just rose to face a machine gun salvo right in the stomach”

He died, Erik Bergström,  the young Astrid’s husband.

As well as four others. One of them: her next husband’s little sister – Eira.
She was only standing beside, as a spectator.

In the sunny Thursday of May 14, 1931 a large rally for the striking workers had assembled at Folkets Hus of Frånö (the strike was a sympathy deed for the strikers at Marmaverken factory in Helsingia). It is most likely that Erik Bergström voluntarily offered himself to take responsibility over the counting function.
He started counting demonstration ralees from the crowds’s tail; and when the march had arrived at Lunde, he had counted all 8 000. And got shot:

One bullet in the genital area, and then a whole salvo in the guts.



20 y o labourer Eira Söderberg,
Erik Bergström, 31 y o, factory labourer,
Evert Nygren, 22 y o labourer,
Sture Larsson 19 y o,
Viktor Eriksson, 35 y o.

Five people also got severely injured. Alas I do not know more about them.

Back in 1981, I (PE) was a young student. I went to interview Erik Söderberg and his wife. He, with his sister dead; she who lst her husband and her childrens father, of which one – Kurt – still. at that day, unborn. In following post, I will give some crucial fragments of an interview with him – and the long talk I have with Erik & Astrid 35 years ago.


Only 20 years old, Eira Söderberg died for the bullets of the military.
She did nothing more than standring beside and watch the rally passing by.
Picture from Bo Widerberg’s film on the subject (1969).


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