Poisoned Well, the Delsbo Gaaltije: Who, How, What happens now?

Information and photographs: Christina Grubbegårdh-Gottberg

One of the most important and well-known Saami Cultural environments
The gaaltije of parish Delsbo. Gaaltije means COLD – freshwater – WELL.
The scene is getting semi-clear:

1. The Entrepreneur demolished or tossed away the sign with ”Lappkällan”=Well=Gaaltije

2. The area was driven through, demolished, and the virgin forest became pillaged

3. The Well, the gaaltije, were mashed and driven over and over till it was no more to be recognized.

4. As a final humiliation of this old Saami cultural environment, diesel oil were spilt and entirely filled the old, perhaps sacred well.


Remainings of ancient remanings…………………………

Or so I understood the scenario.
Now we let the auhtorities and the Justice put forth th responsible acteurs.

In this area the Saamis has at least a four hundred year old history.

Thanks again to Christina for the information and the photos.

Peter Ericson, Saepmie, May 10 2016

3 reaktioner på ”Poisoned Well, the Delsbo Gaaltije: Who, How, What happens now?

  1. Var upp till Lappkälla ikväll den 11/5 och där har det inte hänt någonting. Skylten vid vägen är kvar och allt är orört. Man ska kolla upp saker bättre innan man skriver en massa tokigheter. Jag har kort men jag kan inte bifoga dem här.



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