Gaaktu’s Dagbok May 3, 1761

Gaaktu’s Dagbok May 3, 1761

My 15 year old son crafted a gift for me. Here is the picture.

It almost looks like grandfather’s knife. Thank you son. I shall use it well.

Out hunting for beaver with Nunná and Iđga now. Just saw bear tracks. He wants to abandon the hunt. But we need pelts. I felt a raindrop.

We are sitting near a fallen tree and tall shrubs, debating. Nunná believes the bear has noticed us and is waiting up the trail. He may be right.

Bears have been known to create a crooked trail and wait at the bend of the trail. Idga disagrees and taps his knees impatiently.

”We must hurry before the rain washes away the beaver trail!” he says.

Igda thinks the bears should be fully awakened from hibernation and full of food.

A few more leaves shook from falling raindrops.

Gaaktu is the leader of a fictional 18th century South Saami community featured in the forthcoming graphic novel Badin and the Secret of the Saami.

This diary entry is about his life before the events in the graphic novel. All of the diary entries take place in Sweden between May 1, 1761 and May 1, 1762.

Visit for more information about Badin and the Secret of the Saami. Follow the diaries of other characters on this Facebook page or their Twitter accounts through

Special thanks: An Account of the Sámi by Johan Turi (translated by Thomas A DuBois)



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