Gaaktu’s Dagbok May 13, 1761

Gaaktu’s Dagbok May 13, 1761

Our arrows are well worn from the countless times they felled beaver and other creatures.

The beaver trail is still fresh. We shed our childish fear of bears—and rain drops—and choose to follow the trail.

We pass some wolf droppings near a large mossy stump. A little brown frog leaps from a leaf past my bow.

This is a rich forest and we feel that there could be no other place for our people to live.

In a short time, we come upon the area of the beaver’s home: A small lake.

This is a picture of the beaver we were hunting:

Staying low, we allow our breath to slow and make sharp our eyes for the beaver.

Iđga points and we follow the line from his finger to a small lump moving near some reeds.

Before I could count to ten, Nunná is far away and in range of the beaver. I can barely see him, except the side of his cheek and beard.

The long left arm of Nunná pulls the bowstring back…and back…

Gaaktu is the leader of a fictional 18th century South Saami community featured in the forthcoming graphic novel Badin and the Secret of the Saami.

This diary entry is about his life before the events in the graphic novel. All of the diary entries take place in Sweden between May 1, 1761 and May 1, 1762.

Visit for more information about Badin and the Secret of the Saami. Follow the diaries of other characters on this Facebook page or their Twitter accounts through

Special thanks: An Account of the Sámi by Johan Turi (translated by Thomas A DuBois)


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