Gaaktu’s Nephew or Thoughts along the way on the bear hunt

My nephew, Gaelbu, was also in the hunting party.


He is one of the few young men of our village who have no interest in the ways of the Swedes.

His passion for the ways of our ancestors is unmatched. In many ways, I am inspired by him.

Yet I find that the rigidity of his idealism will blind him to the shocking reality of the changing world around us.

One issue is that he refuses to learn Swedish.

I tried to teach him how to use a rifle. But he refused. He called guns cowardly tools for cowardly men.

He was always a sensitive boy. Loud noises terrified him.

So my feeling is that he objects more to the explosions of flintlocks rather than their practical use in hunting.

As we approached the area of the bear, Nåejtie told us to stop.

This is an historical fiction account by the character with the same name who stars in the graphic novel ”Badin and the Secret of the Saami.” These diary entries are about their lives leading up to the events in the graphic novel. All of the diary entries take place in Sweden between May 1, 1761 and May 1, 1762. The events of the graphic novel take place after that time period.

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Special thanks:
Mr. Peter Ericson May 25th, 2016 online chat conversation. Mr. Ericson writes about Saami history at
University of Texas:


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