THE HUGE WEDDING & THE SPECTACULAR GIFTS. Pictures of Feudal Views – ownership – Saamis – Colonizers 870s-1470s. Pt I.


The day the Duke of Saxony, Albert/Albrecht, received a Jämtland Saami

Anno 1478 Stod Hertug Hans Bryllup i København med Christina af Saxen, samme Hertug Hans blev siden Konge.
(from Danish: Duke Hans´s wedding in Copenhagen with Christine of Saxony were held; same Hans who later succeeded as a King of Denmark as well as – in various periods – Norway and Sweden.

With a huge entourage, among which here Uncle Albert or Albrecht (in German) rode; 800 horses and 42 wagons she arrived at Warnemünde, the port of Rostock, where Archbishop of Lund Jens Brostorp and the March Claus Rönnow received them with a huge entourage of noble men and with a fleet, which carried the guest over to Stubbeköping (N Falster) 
The travel continued guided by this ceremonial entourage, land-ways over Falster and through Sealand. And when the huge company approached Copenhagen, most likely around Valby Bakke, King Christian the Ist fronted 500 knights, dressed in brown dresses with white and blue stripes. When the king had greeted the princess welcome. He turned and rode towards the town. Closer to this, Prince Hans appeared fronting 700 knights in green stripes —. The rally needed to stop again to receive the welcome-greeting by the prince and soon all went through the inner city and into the Castle. They were wed on a Sunday.

So. Back in 1478, Sep 6, Danish Prince Hans (aka John) married the 17 year old Christine (Duchess) of Sachsen. They would later be King and Queen 1481-1511. They ruled Norway 1483-1513, and also Sweden for a shorter period 1497-1501.

But in the wedding feast: the current King Christian I gave as a ”present” to the bride’s uncle, Albrecht (Albert in English).

einem Wilden jungen Lappen, der den Vogt in Jempten Lande in Norwegen in der Jagt erfangen hatte mit seinem Rehen pelzrock, langen hültzeren Eis-Schuhen und Handtbogen

”So it is told in an old German chronicle, previously printed in Frankfurt am main in 1557.
It is beyond any doubt that the Sheriff has caught this ”wild, young Saami” with a fur-coat, with skis on his feet and with an arrow in his hand on the mountains (or forest?) of county Jämtland. Wrote, once, Anders Lööv, Norweigan Historian in 1992, and this material is used in older customary right processes.

Back to 1445: As a morning gift formerly King Christopher of Bavaria or Kristoffer III (1416-1448), Swedish king 1441-1448, already in 1445 gave his bride-to-be, Dorothy, at that time only 15 years old, the county Jämtland with everything that was in and came with it. by marrying also the next king, she saw to she didn’t lose no more than ca. three years of all the fifty years 1445-95 as a main head and position as a County-Lordess over Jämtland.
The Sheriff was the same during almost all this time too: Peder Karlsson Skånke/Schanche. nevertheless; this is a confusing period in history with various heights in the regional society. Dorothy also came in possess over Närke and, at times Värmland, and she fought restlessly to get everything back. We have to remember Jömtland at that time belonged to Norway. it is not perfectly clear whether Härjedalen did count within Jämtland in this matter.

We do not know where this Saami young men did get caught; and we – sofar – do not know anything about his future destinies.

ALBERT (Albrecht in German) of Saxony



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