DEPORTED FROM THEIR OWN LAND! Supplication (translated into English) from the ethnically cleansed Saamis in 1730 (I)

In May 1730 the Dalecarlia-based Saamis send this supplication (script of humble prayer) to King Fredrik I:

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A while ago became announced from the pulpits in the Chieftaindome of Great Kopparberg, that We, the Humble and by the world despised Lappishmen shall from from this locus bring our wives and children, be sent  away and destiinate to the Lappmark,
in where we have never ever been, nor any property therehen we own, nor could we in our witlessness and misery could we there earn no living or subsistence find; thus would we be put in that castless state, that people become, when they are wasted in vain.
Therefore we have requested at Dear Baron and Governor Danckwardt, by whome we have been dwelling, where our ancestors were born and till their final days dwelling been, a mercy and freedom we also had hoped to be able to expect.

This supplication was written after a decree by Governor Danckwardt in Oct 22, 1729, to all the Sheriffs in Dalecarlia, where he ordered all the Saamis should be catched and to ”the Lappmarks” be send off.

A continuation of this post is planned, not yet, but preferably before and at worst around Dec 10.

More in Swedish, radio/pod:


Parish Bjursås, where the Central Swedish Forest Saamis were allowed to stay after the ethnic cleansings around 1729.

Arvid Horn was one of the responsible men in charge in 1729.
Portrait by Pasch Sr.



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