Citat Clarke om sommarbete för ren på Alnön(?) (eller Tjuvholmen?)

Kustsommarbete!? Mera medelpadssamiska rön. Vilken ö avses?

Edward Daniel Clarke skrev 1799, samma år som Schmidt besökte järvsö- och härjedalssamerna:

Sundswall is a neat little town; but its appearance is very remarkable to a foreign traveller; because the houses of which it consists are all of them constructed like the cottages of the peasants — This would make a pleasant watering place and the shore is admirably well calculated for bathing There is here a small pier. The trade is much the same as that of Gefle the inhabitants carry on commerce with the port of London exporting bar iron, timber, deal, planks, tar pitch & c. They import salt a little hemp and sometimes but not often corn. There is a beautiful island in the bay to which the Laplanders bring annually and about this time of the year (July l) their reindeer for pasture. Before the winter sets in they return and take them away- A Lapland breed of dogs is common here resembling wolves — (Clarke 1803: s 257, PE framhävning)


CLARKE: Travels in Various Countries of Europe, Asia and Africa:



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