Lecture for universities in Fall Semester: ”From Anxious North to (in real time) Extinct Taiga Peoples”, by Peter Ericson

From Anxious North to (in real time) Extinct Taiga Peoples
Lost subsistences and echoes of lost forest nomads languages with focus at AD 1400-1900 and Europe.

On Uralic and Saami groups losses, exoduses, extinctions.
Systematically crushed under Novgorod, Imperialist Russia and ditto Sweden; feudalistically squeezed into little pieces by the Danish Crown and its knights; Severely hunted away by Norweigan farmers and driven astray by Finns (or rather Soumis) and Karelians.
Has the Feudal view been overlooked in the academic tradition by us Historians?
Reasoning among how we approach our own Natives in the European and Russian North.

Peter Ericson, Expert in law suit cases and former teacher at Umeå University.
Runner of SouthSaamiHistory-blog.

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