SAAMI CULTURAL ROUTE additional text ”Piney Rockies & Blue Bothnic Sea” (2001) – for Skule National Park and surroundings (Nätra, Örnsköldsvik, High Coast)

Additional signs from 2001 (route was inaugurated by Roberta Blackgoat in July, 2001)

Skule National Park and surroundings (Nätra, Örnsköldsvik, High Coast)
This area is blast-full of Sami culture and remains from various types Sami subsistences and periods of reindeer herding and hunter/gatherer culture. A dozen hearths har been found, most of them in 1999-2001, along the 40 km coastline Mosjön-Bjästa during the investigations for the Botniabanan Railway (planned to open in 2008).
From Faresta Lapp Camp in 1693 in Arnäs and a series of archive notes on sedentary, seminomad, and winter moval Samis, respectively, we know the Sami ground usal here as widespread and intense. Most famous (e.g.) Mountain Samis such as Jon Olsson ”Salesman Jo” Stinnerbom and Sjul Jonsson with their raids, sijhth, used to visit the Lungånger Market, eventually Orrestaare = Örnsköldsvik (name means New Town in SouthSami): and the later Sami celebrities Maria Magdalena Mathsdotter in the 1800´s and Torkel Tomasson 1881-1940 sat near todays´ Örnsköldsvik. By the way Orrestaare Market has been resurrected.
Sörkörare were travelling merchants often from area Docksta-Nätra-Själevad; they went landway with goods like hides, and reindeer steaks; in the villages around Bjästa much exchange of goods took place, often completed with a toast, the njut- or ljusminne.
Forest Sami are believed to have used the High Coast and vast areas around Gålsjö, Hammar and Kungsgården (king´s Yard) since immemorial times, or at least since Middle Ages. Some sat in Vibyggerå (Docksta) in spring; in winter in Nordingrå or at times in Alnö-Tynderö. Their history runs aside the rural and the settler´s history.
The Skule Forest are famous also for rovers, but we do not know any debacle with them on the Sami side. In this very area winter moval trails ran into the 1930´s. Sedentary Samis are known fromall around this area, mostly here some (Engl.) miles inwards.
A Sami cultural route completed in Kramfors Municipality from Prästmon/Hola Folk High School to Hornö; another one is in progress 2001-02 from Lake St. Tällvattnet to Gideå (hopefully with more signs along the coast north from here raised 2002-03).

EPILOG: The sign vanished and has never appeared.



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