A Sort of Homecoming, or Faepmie Magic filled the World Heritage Air Last Nite


Past evening was a pleasant one.

Long longed for lecture on the Ångermanna lappmark,
which in English ought to be Angaria Lapland and its dwellers
the Saami people, with their rich history and various subsistences.

Full house, four dense power point-dense, a hungry auditorium
and a fully prepared lecturer transformed a lousy start with many
technical issues (way out of my hand) into a magical night.

And the response was over what one could have expected:
at least four really seemingly promising pieces of information
on local Saami traces, of which all shall be checked!

Next thing is starting a research-group around the Faepmie
Saamis – the core tribe of King’s and Queens Saamis.


This is my roots and my maternal grandmother’s side.
Her birth house to the left in Fällsvik, parish Nordingrå.
I actually visited her, 96 years young and ”kickin’ ” – on my way yesterday.
She is – believe it or not – currently touring with a choir!

Right: From course in januari 1905 with many South Saamis from ”Faepmie area”.
Among them can be seen Torkel Larsson Kroik (right behind Elsa) and Elsa Laula.


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