Trois Couleurs Geordie (eller Från Game of Thrones-tema över London bridge till Gasolin’)

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Geordie – An old Ballad (as put down by Robert Burns)

(Letar denna version)

There was a battle in the north,
And nobles there was many,
And they hae kill’d Sir Charlie Hay,
And they laid the wyte on Geordie.

O he has written a lang letter,
He sent it to his lady;
Ye maun cum up to Enbrugh town
To see what words o’ Geordie.

When first she look’d the letter on, 
She was baith red and rosy;
But she had na read a word but twa,
Till she wallow’t like a lily.

Gar get to me my gude grey steed,
My menzie a’ gae wi’ me;
For I shall neither eat nor drink,
Till Enbrugh town shall see me.

And she has mountit her gude grey steed,
Her menzie a’ gaed wi’ her;
And she did neither eat nor drink 
Till Enbrugh town did see her.

And first appear’d the fatal block,
And syne the aix to head him;
And Geordie cumin down the stair,
And bands o’ airn upon him.

But tho’ he was chain’d in fetters strang,
O’ airn and steel sae heavy,
There was na ane in a’ the court,
Sae bra’ a man as Geordie.

O she’s down on her bended knee,
I wat she’s pale and weary,
O pardon, pardon, noble king,
And gie me back my Dearie!

I hae born seven sons to my Geordie dear,
The seventh ne’er saw his daddie:
O pardon, pardon, noble king,
Pity a waefu’ lady!

Gar bid the headin-man mak haste!
Our king reply’d fu’ lordly:
O noble king, tak a’ that’s mine,
But gie me back my Geordie.

The Gordons cam and the Gordons ran,
And they were stark and steady;
And ay the word amang them a’
Was, Gordons keep you ready.

An aged lord at the king’s right hand
Says, noble king, but hear me;
Gar her tell down five thousand pound
And gie her back her Dearie.

Some gae her marks, some gae her crowns,
Some gae her dollars many;
And she’s tell’d down five thousand pound,
And she’s gotten again her Dearie.

She blinkit blithe in her Geordie’s face,
Says, dear I’ve brought thee. Geordie:
But there sud been bluidy bouks on the green,
Or I had tint my laddie.

He claspit her by the middle sma’,
And he kist her lips sae rosy:
The fairest flower o’ woman-kind
Is my sweet, bonie Lady!


Version här

As I walked out over London bridge
one misty morning early
I overheard a fair pretty maid
was lamenting for her Geordie

Ah my Geordie will be hanged in a golden chain
This is not the chain of many
he was born of king’s royal breed
and lost to a virtuous lady

Go bridle me my milk white steed,
go bridle me my pony,
I will ride to London’s court
to plead for the life of Geordie

Ah my Geordie never stole nor cow nor calf
he never hurted any
Stole sixteen of the king’s royal deer,
and he sold them in Bohenny.

Two pretty babies have I born
the third lies in my body
I’d freely part with them every one
if you’d spare the life of Geordie

The judge looked over his left shoulder
he said fair maid I’m sorry
he said fair maid you must be gone
for I cannot pardon Geordie.

Ah my Geordie will be hanged in a golden chain
This is not the chain of many
Stole sixteen of the king’s royal deer,
and he sold them in Bohenny.

Langebro –  Gasolin’ /Kim Larsen

Da jeg gik ud over Langebro
En tidlig mandag morgen
Da så jeg en der stod og græd
Hvis du tør – så kom med mig

Jeg gik forbi dæmonernes port
Ud for Kofoeds Skole
Der stod en flok og drak sig ihjel
Hvis du tør – så kom med mig

Jeg mødte en der gik rundt med ”Vågn Op”
Hun var Jehovas vidne
Hun råbte: Jorden går under idag
Hvis du tør – så kom med mig

Jeg så en kvinde der løb efter sin mand
Hun havde så skønne øjne
Hun råbte: Hey, du har stjålet mit liv
Hvis du tør – så kom med mig
Hvis du tør – så kom med mig
Hvis du tør – så kom med mig




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