BOTHNIC AND BALTIC SAAMIS – INLAND SEA SAAMIS VISIBLE: On the Saami maritime landscape, as it appears in the sources – from St Petersburg to Ostrogothia. Sami traces, findings and settlements in coastal areas (Ericson 2019)


We are in the midst of performing one indeed exciting and crucial study, where dozens of municipalities on each side of this (actual) inland sea have been investigated by criteria such as known cultural environments; toponymics; tradition; written sources and other historic sources. In focus we place the inland sea maritime Saamis; that is the ones based on the sea shores of The Bothnic Gulf and the Baltic Sea.

From the well-known thorough Sami ethnohistory of Finland – as well as Karelia – or the innermost of the Bothnic Gulf we can just keep on going via Westrobothnia and Västernorrland and Gävleborg and further on via the counties of Uppsala, Stockholm and Westmannia to Wermlandia or Dalecarlia. Or – following the maritime theme – to Sudermannia and the municipality of Nyköping… And still be dwelling within a Saami cultural and historic area, which we could call the Historic Sápmi.


Now we want to go further with this material. It can be read in Swedish sofar, in ”Bottniska samer”. if the interest grows for the English version, we might very well consider one such. Episodes/chapters/samples from the book will be published in the E-journal/PDF-periodical Saepmie Times.

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Peter Ericson Jan. 15, 2019


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