FINLAND AND SÁMI HISTORY? – A Method of Speedy Recovery: of National Common Knowledge of Sámi Affairs & Sámi History. By and with Peter Ericson.

An Offer Covering Finland (and Sweden too!).

In upcoming posts we will develop, point-wise, how to achieve this goal.

1. Webinary/Web lecture in a live feed or stream
2. IRL/”live”1-2 h  
3. Follow-up, including webinary 45 min

Reasonable levels of fees, especially if you do book before Nov 1.

What is Sápmi? How and when and by whome were the Sámi people’s Land colonized?
Did the Sámis become expelled and if so – how,  when and why?
Ethnicity, Indigenous matters, Colonisation.
History of Sápmi and of Sámi people, Gender history and Ordanizations
and Liberation history. Criticism of the Sources, brief on basic
theories, methods. Sámi rights and present-day as well as future threats.

In English or Swedish.

Teacher: Peter Ericson
Well-known expert from law suit cases, country museums etc.
A background from Universities of Uppsala and Umeå.
Performed lectures in several Helsinki grammar schools past spring semester.
and is currently this fall touring Ostrobothnia.
At the moment living partly in Sweden, partly in Helsinki –
but the plan is to permantly become settled in Helsinki.

Bilden kan innehålla: 1 person, står
Photo above: Annnika Luther.

Photo below: Jonas Brunnström for Vasabladet and Österbottens Tidning.

Bildresultat för peter ericson föreläsare



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