Jon Johansson , the black magic Saami: ”Signerier och besvärjelser” (1917) – Curses and Invocations

The black magic book by the semi-famous Parish Saami
Jon Johansson

Publisher was Ossian Lindskoug
And this book was printed in 375 copies.

Jon Johansson was a restless soul, he roamed the country a lot.
At those journeys, he used to carry his violin.
Once he found himself in the are of (rich on Saami history parish) Sundborn.
Before he knew the world, he was a figure on a Carl Larsson-painting.
This was in 1910. Before he was married, he was a reindeer herding assistant and also a horse-herder; and he could work on the saw-mill at Ytterån
(where this authors’s father’s father’s father’s father lived!)
He and his wife Kajsa then lived in Norrledinge, parish Graninge, Angaria during from 1935 to 1953.
They were walking around trading stories or music against food and accomodation.
She died before him- Jon lived until 1960. On his older days he moved back to Jämtland and Undersåker.

Inspiration and source: Wille Roempke; Margareta Bergvall
and this



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