Saami refugee camp (?), Bergsjö, Helsingia ca 1790s

A extraordinary act is reflected in the Husförhörslängd-record of 1766-1796, parish Bergsjö. This parish and area has throughout historical eras always been interesting and nomadizing Saamis with reindeer are mentioned already back in the 1660s.

In the 1760s new restrictions were imposed omn the Saamis of of Country Gävleborg. The winter pasturage in Valbo, Gävle got blocked by the Sheriffs in 1766. Local polices (Sw.länsmän, pl.) seem to eventually intend to prevent the so called parish Saamis (who indeed were employees. One can also  object that this system revealed simiraities with slave system (which not at all was unknown for the peasant majority; nevertheless the Saamis hadnt been in touch with this society at this close distance before).

What made the Vicar put together this list is uncertain. Might there be some more, sofar unknown promemoria from the Crown? Or was it the fairly well-known Relations from the parishes to the Governor back in 1790-91, that inspired the vicar to visit the Saami Camp and check about their literacy and how skilled their were in the Katechismus.

I will return to this and to Bergsjö. It will also sort under our project about Saamis along the 62nd latitude.

Peter Ericson April 11, 2016.

Bergsjö AI:5 (1766-1794) Bild 97 / sid 183 (AID: v134377.b97.s183, NAD: SE/HLA/1010011)

Picture: SVEN NORMAN. Lappkyrkan, Bergsjö.
I will re-blog his stuff soon! Great blog, as I got it.



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